Are you frustrated, confused, or CLUELESS about how to generate a consistent flow of high-quality new customers and clients using the Internet?  If so, discover…

Mass Influence Made Easy

How to Use Social Media and Automated Tools to Become a Massive Influencer Anywhere, Anytime, in Any Market

It has NEVER been easier to build wealth than it is today…

  • 19-year-old fashion and beauty blogger attracted over 40 million fans
  • Youtuber earns over 12 million dollars a year playing video games…
  • Unknown artist collected over $744,000 a year with comic strips, tutorials, and paintings…
  • Vlogger published her first book and sold 78,000 copies its very first week allowing her to buy a million-dollar mansion in just 3 months…
  • Make-up artist created a $10/month subscription box to launch a business with annual revenues of $125 million
  • Local burger joint increased revenue by over 60% in just 6 months
  • Snowbike company generated an extra $98,000 in sales in 5 months
  • 22-year-old with no previous online experience started a social media agency and quickly took it to over $100,000 a month

These are obviously exceptional results, but they’re also a taste of what social media influence is doing for others just like you...

It doesn’t matter whether you own a website…a brick-and-mortar local business…or you’re starting completely from scratch.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social media sites can give you an almost guaranteed path to influence and income…when you know the secrets to using them correctly.

While the majority of people continue to work traditional jobs where they invest the best years of their lives making others rich…over the past 2 decades a new ‘underground’ economy has formed online based on freedom, fun, and financial rewards.

It’s hard to find out how many influencers are currently translating that influence into consistent streams of ongoing income, but the numbers are much larger than the average person suspects.

For example, Upfluence is just one of multiple marketing agencies that helps big brands like Paypal pay influencers to promote for them.

In their database alone, there are over 1.1 million social media influencers…with more being added all the time.

And the vast majority of influencers don’t sell their influence!  Not a single one of my clients currently participates in those types of deals.

Instead, they use their influence to grow their own brand, sell more of their products and services, and promote affiliate products for a share of the profits.

Why Continue to Struggle…When Millions of People Just Like You Attract Followers, Customers, and Income So Easily?

Online marketing isn’t as easy as ‘gurus’ often make it out to be.

Free traffic is tougher to generate than it used to be.  Google is continually adding more and more weight to large brands…and the little guys like us get squeezed out of the best keyword phrases in their index.

Just a few years ago, you could post an update to your Facebook page, and it would reach a large portion of your audience.

Not since the Reachpocalypse.  According to recent research, the average organic reach for large Facebook pages is only 2%.

It’s possible to beat these numbers, but Facebook is pushing us toward advertising.  This trend is only going to continue.

And this is true across every social media network.  Their investors are clamoring for profits…so they reduce your organic reach while expanding the ads.

But online advertising is no picnic either.

In a marketing study by Choozle, they found nearly one-half of consumers age 60+ used ad blockers!   If seniors are that likely to block your ads, what about the more tech savvy younger generations?

In the same study, only 7% viewed online ads positively.

And the cost of advertising is going through the roof.

For example, Adstage reported the cost of advertising on Facebook increased by 122% year-over-year.

If you’re following the same old marketing strategies everyone else has used for past several decades…it’s getting harder and harder to make it.

But while traditional advertisers are struggling, the next generation of social media influencers has risen.

This is someone who has positioned themselves with credibility in front of a large, hungry buying audience.

Their audience knows, likes, and trusts them.

They’ve become a welcome guest instead of an advertising pest.

And all they have to do is say the word.

Share their offer.

And a portion of their audience will not only immediately jump to attention and purchase it…but they’ll also tell their friends about it.

I’ve seen it many times.

I’ll release a new product…and within minutes orders come flooding in.  The first group of buyers didn’t even have time to read the copy or watch a sales video.

They bought simply based on the credibility I already had in the marketplace.

And that’s what you can experience as well…

Imagine the Freedom, Fun, and Financial Rewards of Being a Massive Influencer in Any Market You Choose

Maybe you already have a business.  This is your pathway to a consistent, flow of pre-qualified, high quality customers and clients.

No more confusion about where to advertise or how to attract new leads.  No more dealing with tire kickers who abuse your time.

No more dealing bargain basement shoppers looking for premium quality at Dollar Store prices.

In Terry Dean's consulting business, he doesn't do free calls.  Every client pays the full fee upfront, and he has a waiting list of those desperate to work with him.  He opens new slots only a couple of times per year and they’ve sold out in less than 24 hours for the last 8 years straight.

Or maybe you’re a beginner who hasn’t yet decided what you want to offer.

That’s OK.  Start off by connecting to an audience.

Once you have an audience, you can write your own ticket online.

Become an affiliate and link to other people’s products for a share of the profits.

Create your own online course and watch as members line up to buy from you.

Offer a high-ticket group coaching package, and hand-select the best applicants to coach directly with you.

Start an ecommerce business and makes sales while others handle all the fulfillment.

It’s up to you.  Making money online is NOT about your product or service.

It’s about your audience.

Once you’ve positioned yourself as an influencer, doors will open up that you never even imagine existed.

You get complete control of your schedule.

Spend time on projects you enjoy that truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Earn more than enough money to live where you want, vacation when you want, and take care of your family in the way they deserve.

This is about having money and the time to enjoy it.

And I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do it…

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Before we get into all the exciting details, I should probably introduce myself and explain why I’m uniquely qualified to show you how to generate mass influence, turn it into ongoing income, and have fun doing it.

My name is Frank Garon…and I've earned a full-time living since 1996.

Before I came online, I was over $100,000 in debt...and went bankrupt.

It took me 8 months to replace my $35,000 a year long haul truck driving job...setting me free from that boss I hated with a passion.

I still remember the first time I made over $5,000 in one month online.

It was like hitting the lottery.

I've earned millions of dollars online...helped my clients earn 10 times that...and have held dozens of workshops...including ones in the UK with close to 1,000 attendees.

Give me a call sometime.  My lifestyle has dramatically changed, but my friends will tell you I'm the exact same Frank Garon I was back then.  I drive a pick-up and keep my CDL even though I haven't driven professionally for over 22 years.

The Internet has given me a lifestyle where my family and I can travel and enjoy our hobbies.

One of my proudest experiences of online freedom is being the only father who attends all of my daughter's recitals.

And it's all based on knowing how to...

Go From Being a Nobody to a Mass Influencer

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you... with help from one of the Grandfathers of Internet Marketing, Terry Dean.

Coincidentally, he got his start the same year I did…1996.

He was a college dropout earning $8 an hour as a pizza delivery driver for Little Caesars.

He was over $50,000 in debt and had creditors calling all hours of the day and night, and was on a quick road toward bankruptcy as well.

But he discovered the Internet back in the old Compuserve days.  He started earning an income online in less than 30 days...and his income grew each month as his influence grew, almost like clockwork.

Soon he was sharing at some of the first Internet marketing conferences.  At several events he demonstrated the power of online marketing by earning as much as $96,250 in sales in one weekend from one email to his list in front of a live audience....with no affiliates partners, advertising, or anything else.

And this was in the early days of the Internet.  Today we have SO MANY more tools at our disposal...Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and many more.

Over the past two decades, he has helped private clients in hundreds of different markets including health, fitness, credit repair, weight loss, veganism, scrapbooking, tennis, golf, continuing education, professional services, travel, beauty, chiropractors, dentists, CPAs, restaurateurs, physical therapists, photography, and everything in between.

Both Terry and I are living proof that if we can do it…you can do it too.

And now…

We’ve Provided a Shortcut For You to Attract a Hungry Audience, Convert Them Into High-Quality Clients, and Make More Money Online

Sure, you could experiment with social media and eventually figure it out on your own.

But let’s face it.  Social media is OVERWHELMING.

  • “Which social media networks should you join?”
  • “How do you set up your profiles to attract your ideal audience?”
  • “How often should you post to each social media site?”
  • “What are the best times to post?”
  • “How do you get more followers?”
  • “What kind of content should you share?”
  • “Where can you come up with content consistently?”
  • “How can you get more likes, shares, and comments?”
  • “How much time should you invest in social media each week?”
  • “How do you measure if it’s working for you?”
  • “How long does it take to start seeing results?”
  • “How do you translate social media followers into paying customers?”
  • “What are the biggest mistakes to avoid?”
  • “How does a beginner connect with big influencers who can immediately put you in front of millions of their followers?”

Those are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself.

Terry and I handle questions like these virtually every day.

So, we decided to combine our 44 years of Internet marketing experience…and thousands of clients in every imaginable market…to put together the ultimate step-by-step system we call…

Mass Influence

You too can go from nobody to a massive influencer on the Internet using social media, automation, and other free tools.

There’s no reason you have to endure all the pain, stress, and agony of wasting years and thousands of dollars to reinvent the wheel.

End the confusion and the frustration.

Get your questions answered.

Be confident you’re following the right system for the right audience using the right social media sites for you.

That’s right.  This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program.  You’re a unique individual.

For example, I’m an extrovert.

Terry is an introvert.

That affects how we approach our interaction with others.

I love live events.  Terry loves writing.

And those are just a couple of our differences.  What about your audience?  How do you know you’re following the right methods to reach your Ideal Clients?

Are you following a plan developed for someone else…with a different audience, skillset, or monetization plan?

We’ll show you how to KNOW you’ve made the right choices…and you’re following a plan designed for you to maximize your personal results

Module 1: Mass Influence Fast Start

Create a proper foundation and put each of the moving pieces in place to profit no matter what market you’re in…whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert…or what your skills may or may not be.

This proven strategy has created both recognition and wealth for thousands of regular, day-to-day people just like you…working normal jobs…and doing this in their spare time.

  • How to create a BULLETPROOF long-term, consistent income no matter what changes Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site make in the future (the one constant online is change).
  • STOP sleepwalking through life and experience passion, fulfillment, and purpose doing what you were put on this earth to do with simple online tools designed to give you FREEDOM.
  • How to test if your core message resonates with your target audience for just $5…saving you months or even years of frustration.
  • 3 BIGGEST myths social media gurus use to keep you in the dark, running on a treadmill of giving them more and more money without creating a long-term solution that consistently attracts buyers to you like clockwork.
  • How to tap into thousands of fans who share your content and message instead of you hustling and relying on yourself (let technology make your life easier instead of trapping you in an endless grind)
  • 7 steps to choosing the right social media mix for your personality, your audience, and your message…leverage to get more done in less time.
  • 6 unique ways to position yourself as the only viable option for your Ideal Clients even in the most competitive markets.
  • My favorite method for more interaction, comments, and shares with ANY content you post to social media in ANY market.
  • The EASIEST way to discover your personal superpowers that can make you rich…and why you should never rely on those ‘discovery’ tests.
  • The SECRET of Warp Speed Implementation….why you must start sharing content before you’ve discovered your core message.
  • Simple 10-minute a day social media plan to attract leads, make sales, and grow your business in less time than it takes to finish breakfast.

Module 2: How to Choose a Hungry, Buying Market

Are you overwhelmed with choosing a market that fits you?  Discover how to find a market where you have a competitive advantage…even if you’re drawing a complete blank and have no idea what fits you.  Getting started is the first domino in a series of dominos that lead you to your passion and purpose

  • How to tap into credibility you ALREADY have to sell products and services… especially if you think your background gives you zero to work with.
  • Why your biggest failures give you hidden clues about your purpose, your passion, and your profits (never waste a failure again).
  • 5 unique ways my personal clients have selected profitable markets…which one is right for you?
  • Become a ‘talent scout’ who leverages influencers who already have a mass following…make a fortune using other people’s expertise, audience, and mission.
  • How my client entered 18+ unique niche markets profitably and had a competitive advantage in every one of them.
  • How to become an INSTANT EXPERT by repackaging and repurposing the most popular content in your market in a totally new way.
  • 4 HUGE markets full of hungry buyers where people will pay you premium fees to be their tour guide to a new and exciting life
  • How to use a FREE website to choose a market, spot the hottest buyer trends, and see how much money is being spent in specific niche markets.
  • Reverse engineer the most popular and highest traffic social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, podcasts and more.
  • How to know with confidence what your audience is searching for, so you can publish content virtually guaranteed to get likes, shares, and comments.
  • 5 step system for creating a quick, persuasive two-minute message for your brand, products or services.
  • How to use images to subtly tap into your visitors’ emotions with compelling promises you couldn’t legally make with words.

Module 3: Celebrity Positioning Made Easy

How do a pizza delivery driver and a long-haul truck driver go from being nobodies to Internet celebrities who’ve earned millions of dollars online?  The secret is finding your story…or creating a new authentic story…even if you don’t think you have anything interesting to share.  Be paid for WHO you are…instead of just what you do…

  • How to combine multiple skills you didn’t even realize you had to create a UNIQUE position nobody else can touch.
  • 3 unique ways Terry has created authentic hooks to attract his Ideal Clients and open new doors of success.
  • A simple formula you can model that was used to attract 9.7 Million Instagram followers.
  • How a blogger carved out a small niche by combining 3 separate interests along with humor to attract 14,000+ followers.
  • How a young woman attracted over 54,000 followers by doing something she loves and traveling the world using other people’s money.
  • How a mother of 4 attracted over 608,000 followers on Facebook by sharing simple, inspiring tutorials for your home.
  • How posting photos of a pet generated over 8 million followers…and hundreds of collectibles and other monetized products.
  • The unique methods used to attract over 10 million subscribers to a Youtube cooking channel.
  • How to attract your Ideal Clients with consistent brand messages, slogans, colors, and images…to the point where your followers ask you to offer them more ways to GIVE you money.
  • 6 Step Formula Behind the BIGGEST viral ideas that get shared with millions of people for free.
  • How Frank learned to develop rapport with anyone in under 60 seconds…and how it’s helped him sell millions of dollars in products online.
  • How to make your followers feel better about their lives simply by connecting with you (this is the true secret to wealth with fulfillment).

Module 4: The Power of 24-7 Automation With a Personal Connection

Social media is networking on steroids…where you can leverage free technology to connect with millions of people.  Average people just like you are becoming superstars online every day.  And in this module, you discover not only how to make money, but also how to make a difference in the world around you…

  • Why Constipated Content NEVER goes viral or attracts a hungry buying audience…and how to avoid this tragic mistake!
  • 27-word email template or Facebook message you can swipe to generate leads and sales even from an unresponsive, dead list.
  • Free tools to help you get in front of the hottest rising trends…spot business opportunities before everyone else!
  • How a series of human-interest stories attracted over 18,000,000 people on Facebook…and how you can model this approach in any business.
  • How to grow your Facebook audience for FREE by piggybacking on other people’s promotions.
  • How a simple formula led to over 120 million video views on Youtube… what you can personally model from their system.
  • The easiest and most profitable way to sell affiliate products to your audience on any social media site
  • The Extreme Introvert’s Guide to Social Media: How and what to share with your audience when you prefer hiding behind the scenes.
  • How to respond to negative comments on your posts and ads…do this correctly and those negative comments will SELL more of your products and services!
  • Beginner’s Guide to web hosting, domains, autoresponders, shopping carts, processing orders, microphones, video editing, and more…select the right low-cost tools from day one.
  • How to save time and money with free tools for managing and automating your social media accounts.
  • 17 Step Checklist for creating, ranking, and profiting from organic Youtube videos…get more viewers and clicks to your website.

Module 5: Find, Attract, and Convert Hungry Buyers With Social Media

STOP playing whack-a-mole trying to do everything and be everywhere.  It’s impossible to participate in every social media site.  What is the right social media mix for your personality, skillset, and audience?  It’s NOT about hustling.  It’s about leveraging automated tools that spread your message to a wider audience while creating a lifestyle you love…

  • How to light a match that turns into a viral inferno…the missing link behind posts that go viral that NO ONE is talking about.
  • Did you know 40% of users on this social media site have a household income of over $100,000 per year? And it has the 2nd highest number of sales after Facebook…even though it’s only 1/10th the size!
  • Step-by-step system my client used to attract over 1,000 reviews and an average 4.8 out of 5 rating for a local business…his customers constantly talk about how those reviews made them come in!
  • The 2 days with the highest engagement on Facebook…are you losing out on 18% of your shares by missing one of these days?
  • Why Facebook ad results can swing wildly from one day to the next…and what you must do to optimize your ad results.
  • One simple question to ask before posting on Facebook to consistently create Facebook home runs with more likes, shares, and clicks.
  • 4 unique ad concepts to attract more leads and sales on Facebook.
  • 8 easy ways to get more retweets and clicks on Twitter every time.
  • How to post photos that attract customers on Instagram without buying or shooting any photos of your own.
  • 7 proven secrets to attract hungry buyers to your website with Pinterest.
  • 6 step plan a copywriter used to generate over $40,000 of dream business on Linkedin in just 2 months
  • 7 most popular video types on Youtube…and how to choose the right ones for your business.
  • FASTEST way to grow a podcast audience with affluent, committed listeners who download and listen to each episode.

Module 6: How to Publish Content That Attracts a Hungry Audience, Creates a Connection With Your Clients, and Sells More of Your Products and Services

How to become the trusted advisor for your audience…inspiring your followers and customers to live a higher and more exciting life.   You don’t need to be perfect…just authentic…with a simple system for publishing content consistently...

  • Why the ‘traditional method’ of sharing content overwhelms your prospects…and 2 unique ways to give your audience focus and clarity while setting yourself apart from the toughest competitors
  • How Walmart helps you create powerful, empathetic messages that tap into a problem your prospects didn’t even know they had!
  • How to turn your social media knowledge into a 6 or 7 figure income stream consulting and serving local business clients.
  • 7 secrets of personal branding used by Superman and others to create billion-dollar empires of blockbuster movies, comics, and toys.
  • The “Darth Vader” strategy that creates a loyal audience, boosts referrals, and subtly sells more of your products without even trying.
  • Secrets you can model from Dave Ramsey’s 55+ million-dollar empire to earn a fortune sharing basic ‘beginner’ content.
  • Counterintuitive way to quickly reduce email spam complaints while publishing more frequently with even higher profits
  • Eliminate writer’s block with this simple step-by-step system for coming up with 100 content pieces your audience loves!
  • 10 easy-to-use content templates to cut your content creation time in half.
  • WARNING: Never make this common mistake in your content creation…it sabotages your sales and hurts your credibility.
  • How to model a 97 second video that generates over 432 million views and 12 million shares (you could copy this video in most markets)
  • How to create a viral loop with a promotional contest that gets your products in front of thousands of potential customers.
  • How a small business gets thousands of their customers to post photos and recommend their products on Instagram.

Module 7: Halo Effect – How to Attract a Massive Audience By Connecting With Influencers

Connecting with influencers with 100,000, 1,000,000, or even more followers is a shortcut to success.  Discover how to find, contact, follow-up, and promote with the help of top market influencers who’ve already invested years growing their audience.  Just one endorsement can transform your business overnight…

  • 21 methods to become an ‘entertaining pest’ influencers simply can’t ignore…cutting through the noise even in the most competitive markets.
  • How to reach up to 3 million people with free advertising you couldn’t buy no matter how much you were willing to pay for it.
  • 30 Minute Push-Button content system that creates social media posts, blog posts, podcasts, images, videos, and more (you could even provide this as a service to others for hundreds of dollars per month).
  • My favorite way to find 100 or more top influencers in any niche market in under 60 seconds.
  • Reverse engineer influencer social media accounts to see their most popular content ideas and what they did to grow!
  • Google sheet you can copy and use for tracking, contacting, and connecting with influencers…our spreadsheet keeps you organized.
  • What you must do BEFORE connecting with influencers if you want to get noticed and promoted (ignore this and you’ll miss your shot).
  • How to generate followers, leads and sales from an influencer EVEN if they ignore you…this is an ingenious way to piggyback on their audience.
  • How to send a unique message that almost guarantees even the most well-known influencers will open, read, and reply back to you.
  • How to flip the script and get top influencers to contact you and send you big opportunities even if hardly anyone in the industry knows who you are.
  • Attract new followers and customers from contests OTHER people are running…and how to run a contest with a big influencer even if you have a much smaller audience.
  • 5 Magic Words that multiply the number of connections you make online.
  • Simple email template a 15-year-old with zero credibility used to attract 40+ podcast guests including several major celebrities in under 30 days.

Module 8: Monetization – How to Turn Your Influence Into a 6 or 7 Figure Income

Having a big audience doesn’t mean automatic cash…unless you know how to turn your influence into consistent streams of income.  In this module, you’ll discover how to create multiple ‘money trees’ in your business without turning off your audience (they’ll love you even more when you do this correctly)…

  • How a simple change in offer helped a client turn a poor performing Facebook ad campaign into a winner that makes $10 for every $1 invested (tens of thousands of dollars per month)!
  • 6 proven templates for creating a Lead Magnet in 2 hours or less that generates more opt-ins and transitions your new subscribers into buyers.
  • How to get 30% to 50% of your sales within 24 hours of people joining your email list…if you’re not doing this, you’re leaving close to half your money on the table.
  • 3 steps to create personal stories that sell your products and services without making direct promises to the buyers.
  • How to run money-on-demand offers to your email lists and social media sites to earn maximum money in minimum time.
  • Welcome email template that connects with new subscribers, sells them on reading your future emails, and makes immediate sales.
  • 65 Social Media ideas in a detailed mind map guaranteeing you never get stuck without content ideas again.
  • What you absolutely must do if you offer Kindle books…this is the MOST profitable part of your book and many authors completely leave it out!
  • 7 ways to sell ecommerce products while others drop-ship or handle all fulfillment for you…make money without ever touching a product.
  • 4 easy ways to earn more money from information products and digital courses….even if you’re just starting out.
  • 3 sample offers for new coaches priced from $100 to $2,500…perfect for beginners who’ve never had a client before.
  • Monetization example of an influencer in a consumer market with multiple streams of income priced from $37 to $8,000.

How Much Is ‘Mass Influence’ Worth to You?

Everything changes for you when you have a large, hungry audience hanging on your every word…

  • When you promote a product, even an affiliate product, sales come in instantly with zero cost of advertising…
  • You get to play with the big dogs. Other influencers contact you suggesting joint ventures and ways to make money together…
  • You can charge premium fees for your products and services…meaning you earn more money from every sale…while attracting more new customers…
  • Advertising instantly becomes more effective and profitable because of ‘name brand’ recognition in your niche…
  • Your income consistently grows right along with your audience…

And that’s just the beginning.  Imagine having the FREEDOM to do what you want when you want…

Attract high quality customers and clients who love you…

Give your family the lifestyle they deserve…travel to exotic locations…save for your children’s college education…

Finally you’re in the driver’s seat…

The value of this opportunity is priceless.

It can shave years off your learning curve…and give you the tools to become a massive influencer anywhere, anytime, in any market.

You get both Terry and I…and our 44 years of combined online experience…in 8 detailed modules, each well over an hour long.

To consult with either of us would cost you $500+ per hour each.

Combine our experience together across all these modules…and you’re getting a very real value of over $8,000.

But you’re NOT going to pay anywhere near that.  And…

You’ll Also Get 4 Bonuses…a $1,600 Value…Absolutely FREE!

Free Bonus #1: Podcast Domination ($500 Value)

Everyone loves to talk about video, but it’s much easier…faster…and often even more profitable to produce audio.

Over 48 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, and this number is growing every year.   And get this, 80% of them consume all or most of each episode they download.

Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated…the perfect target audience for most businesses.  In addition, podcasting allows you to connect with other influencers through interviews, giving you dozens of new cross-promotional opportunities.

  • How to produce high-quality audio at home with a low-cost microphone, pop filter, headset, audio editing software, and more (get everything for less than $200 one-time fee).
  • Where to host your podcast to handle a massive number of downloads...and why you never host it on your own website.
  • 6 proven podcast styles to create a highly listenable, interactive podcast your listeners feel they ‘own’…creating long-term loyalty and referrals.
  • How to create ‘pillar’ podcasts with your unique spin and angle…and why you’ll refer back to these evergreen episodes for years in the future.
  • 8 topics perfect for exciting podcast episodes in virtually any market…this is what your audience desperately wants to know!
  • How to come up with a BIG IDEA that gets popular experts begging to appear on your show.
  • How to know the correct length of your podcast, what to share in each episode, and how to transition them to your paid products.
  • How to attract more listeners by creating attention grabbing titles, notes, descriptions, ID3 tags, and additional resources for every episode.
  • Launch your podcast fast, get it ranked on iTunes, and attract great reviews within the first few weeks.
  • Step-by-step post-launch promotional plan to add to the momentum with even more listeners, downloads, and reviews…work once and get paid forever!
  • Follow along with this case study of a podcast with millions of listeners and over $2,000,000 a year in profits…ran by a couple with only a few virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Free Bonus #2: Youtube Ads Fast Start ($500 Value)

You’ll have all the tools you need to create mass influence in any market for free.  But if you want to get results even faster, here’s how to add paid advertising to the mix.

Target a tight niche or roll-out to a wide audience.  The targeting here is insane!  You can target specific video placements, keywords, topics, demographics, or even Custom Intent Audiences based on what your Ideal Clients are searching on Google itself.

  • 4 Proven Pattern Interrupt Templates to grab the attention of your viewer in 5 seconds or less…cutting your cost of advertising in half.
  • Step-by-step guide to set-up your Google Ads account, connect it to Youtube, and claim $75 in free advertising to get you started fast.
  • 5 proven Youtube ads you can model for massive results…including one with over 68,00,000 views.
  • My favorite video editing trick for multiplying the clickthroughs and boosting your return-on-investment.
  • 12 Step Google Ads checklist to create landing pages that please the Google reviewers while generating leads, sales, and credibility for you.
  • Model my word-for-word video ad script to create your high-converting Youtube video ad.
  • Step-by-step demonstration on how to set-up your first Youtube campaign…including which options to choose, what networks to advertise on, and how to target your ads for maximum income.
  • WARNING: You MUST uncheck this option that’s on by default when you set-up your first campaign…or you could lose thousands of dollars fast!
  • How to choose the bids for your ads, how to optimize your bids, and how to separate desktop, tablets, and mobile bids for best results.
  • How to optimize your campaign once it’s up and running…including what to turn off, where to increase your bids, and when to try something else!

Free Bonus #3: Facebook Groups Made Easy ($500 Value)

Special guest Chris Curtis is a veteran in the internet business community who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs use social media to reach a global audience. She has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, and has appeared in articles at, The Street, AT&T Small Business, and MSN Money - just to name a few.

In this exciting bonus, Chris shares how to attract, connect, and convert cold Facebook users into red-hot buyers and evangelists of your brand. She details both how to tap into other people’s active Facebook groups and create your own group for your brand.

By the end of this training, you’ll know exactly how to monetize Facebook groups in any market…even the weirdest niches.

  • Why Facebook groups are the perfect place to connect with thousands of passionate pre-qualified leads for your products and services (it’s like walking into a convention center full of your best potential buyers).
  • How to find active Facebook groups that give off the right ‘vibe’ to make them a profitable opportunity to you…and how to make a great impression on the administrators before you even join.
  • How to give amazing value in a group without creating ANY content of your own (this is so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner).
  • Why most online marketers come across as stalkers on Facebook…and how to flip the system to get prequalified cold leads chasing after you!
  • Tap into a BIG selling idea for your own Facebook group that attracts buyers instead of the freebie seekers that make up the majority of most online groups
  • How to attract laser-targeted leads to your Facebook group on day one…even if you don’t have a list, aren’t a member of any other groups, and frankly don’t even know anyone in the market!
  • #1 Secret to creating a sticky Facebook group that stands out from the competition and gets members to continually refer others. The best part is ANYONE can do this.
  • How to share hot topics from the news, TV, and pop culture that naturally transition into selling more of your products and services in your group.
  • Easy conversation starters that make group interaction FUN, keep the relationship fresh, and make your group the only obvious choice in the market.
  • How to turn your Facebook group into a ‘product focus group’ that helps you create irresistible products…and makes the members feel personally invested in the success and profits of your product launch.

Free Bonus #4: Mass Influence Checklists ($100 Value)

You also get a PDF guide with the resources, mind maps, and checklists shared throughout the course.  This includes the exact templates we show for creating emails, pattern interrupts, video scripts, and more.Use this to get up and running fast…and as a quick reference whenever you need a refresher.

Not Everyone is Qualified For Mass Influence

Terry and I have crammed 44 years of online experience into this course…and provided at least 100 times more value than you’re going to invest.

But know this…

This isn’t for everybody.

If you’re the type of person who has to think about it for a month and talk it over with your spouse, mama, shrink or astrologer…this isn’t for you.

Also, we have very little patience for whiners, crybabies, and thumbsuckers who think all they have to do is put up a website…and money will come flooding in.

If that’s you, you’re better off passing on this opportunity and going back to wasting time playing Candy Crush on your mobile.

So Who DOES Qualify?

If you’re generally a nice person…

You sincerely want to discover the skills to develop an Internet Lifestyle business that can generate a considerable income with only a part-time commitment…

You’re open minded and anxious to learn…and…

You’re a big boy or girl who understands anything worthwhile takes some work...

Then you’re in!

Let’s Recap…

This course is delivered entirely online.  Each video module also includes an audio version so you can listen on the go.  The Cheatsheets and templates are in PDF form.

You can access it from our password protected website on any computer, tablet, or digital device.  You can watch the videos online or download all the materials for access off the Internet.

When you invest in “Mass Influence: Go From Nobody to Massive Influencer on the Internet using Social Media, Automation, and other Free Tools” you get…

$8,000 worth of detailed training from Terry and I revealing our best money-making techniques and secrets…and…

$1,600 in additional FREE bonuses…

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Doesn’t it make more sense to invest that in your self and the skills that will pay you handsomely for the rest of your life?

I want you to feel completely confident about your investment in “Mass Influence: Go From Nobody to Massive Influencer on the Internet using Social Media, Automation, and other Free Tools”…so you’re covered by my…

100% Risk Free
“Gentleman’s Handshake” Guarantee

Back in the day, a good businessman didn’t need lawyers, contracts, and all that legal mumbo jumbo.  A man’s word was his bond and a handshake agreement was better than any legal-ese contract a lawyer could write.

Call me old-fashioned but I still believe in that.

So here’s my handshake agreement with you:

If you’re not happy with “Mass Influence” for any reason whatsoever…simply contact my office anytime in the first 30 days and…

I’ll Refund Every Penny You Invested!

No conditions.  No weasel clauses.  No hassles…and no hard feelings.

Since this is a digital product there’s not even anything to return.  You can keep everything you downloaded as my gift to you for giving it a try.

You get to discover all our best moneymaking mass influence secrets and put them into action risk-free for 30 days…and you can get all your money back if you’re not satisfied…AND you keep everything you downloaded.

I think that’s more than fair, don’t you?

See, I’ve been ripped off by false promises before…and it doesn’t feel good.

In fact, it made me feel like a sucker…just another sap in a revolving door of nameless, faceless, inconsequential ‘marks’ to be taken advantage of and swindled.

Frankly, I felt embarrassed and stupid.

I don’t ever in a million years want YOU to feel that kind of humiliation.

I want you to be overwhelmingly THRILLED with your investment in “Mass Influence”…and I’ll bend over backwards to make absolutely SURE you’re happy.

You have my word on that.

Click below now to reserve your copy of “Mass Influence”:

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We’ve covered a LOT of ground today…

By now I’m sure you understand how these secrets and techniques can skyrocket your income and dramatically transform your entire life…

This is the EXACT blueprint that I wished I had starting out…when I left behind that life of quiet desperation in a dead-end job that was killing my soul.

Frank and I have never put together these secrets in this much detail anywhere else…and now I’m offering YOU the opportunity to mentor virtually with us and get over $10,200 in value for pennies on the dollar.

If you’re the person I think you are…here is what you need to do right now…

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As soon as you reserve your copy, you’ll get immediate access to our download area where you can watch or download the videos.

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Download both video bonuses and your Mass Influence Checklists.

I’m looking forward to hearing your results. It’s an exciting time and you’re going to love the journey.


P.S. You’re soon going to witness something I’ve never seen done by anybody.

I’m going to help you conquer the two biggest problems most rookie entrepreneurs are almost NEVER able to overcome…

Confusion and Overwhelm!

This can keep you in a holding pattern for YEARS if you don’t know how to deal with it.  Some of the sharpest entrepreneurs I know have been completely paralyzed by it.

If you don’t get this in check from the start, you’ll NEVER be able to let the curtain go up on your show.

This course is going to kill this beast once and for all.

Confusion and overwhelm about which sites to use, what message to share, and how to grow your business will never again ‘hamstring’ you from crossing the finish line and entering the winner’s circle.

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